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I decided to finally just go live because of the amount of work it is taking verifying all the information in our database and updating listings one by one.  Very time consuming but I am hard at work trying to accomplish this task!  The more local businesses that find out about our free directory the faster we can get the information correct and more effective in visitors finding exactly what they are looking for.  That is where we need your help!  Sign up for a free account and help us help you and local businesses!  Add a listing for a business near you and let them know!

Hudson Valley Eateries

If you own a local Hudson Valley food business please search our database to see if we have created a listing for you.  If we have then all you have to do is create a profile and then log in and claim your listing.  Once we confirm it is you we will give you ownership of your listing and you can start updating your info and add news and specials anytime.  Upload your menu so visitors can see what you have to offer!

Currently, this website is a one-man show and I can only see and do so much.  But with your help, we can continually improve the information on here and I can work out the technical bugs as they are reported.  If you see something not working, post a comment below.  You see something that could be better, comment below.  If you have any problems using the directory, yup you got it, post a comment below… or send a message via our contact us page.  Anytime.  I will touch base with you thru a direct response when I get a chance or you might see my comment about a change made from your submission and helpful tip.  Let’s work together and create a great convenient portal for people to find the food they love and support local food businesses too!

It’s a WIN-WIN!


Hudson Valley Eateries

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PS: There have been some occasional social media registration issues so if you have a problem please try again.  There is also an occasional glitch when submitting a listing so if you have any issue enter your basic info then create.  You can always go back in and edit your listing once you have submitted it to the site.  Then you can add pictures, videos, links and more!  Thank you