A Taste of Sicily

The name of the business may be new, however, the chef’s reputation is not. Francesco Costantino has been cooking for well over 30 years for many of you. It is my husband’s mission as owner to prepare not only a creative and enticing menu that will offer something for everyone but to incorporate ideas from clientele as well whenever possible.

One of the reasons why I created this site was to allow feedback for such things as food quality, customer service and cleanliness. These are important qualities that we expect when we dine out and expect nothing less for our patrons.

Even though we miss our Milford patrons who are like family to all of us, it was our daughter, Alessandra, who persuaded her father that it was time to move on. A difficult decision was made and Village Pizza II was sold on December 14, 2011.

Perhaps a new chapter with a new location and new menu are all in the making, however, what remains the same is our dream. That is to make our place somewhere will families will feel at home and enjoy an affordable meal together.

Thank You,

***** MENU *****

A Taste Of Sicily (845-858-FOOD)
50-52 Front Street, Port Jervis NY, 12771 (3663)
*Our “unique” delivery policy:
We’ll be good to you…PLEASE be good to them! *

Bruschetta- (fresh diced Tomato w/a splash of garlic, basil & olive oil) $5.25
(w/ mozzarella cheese) $6.00
Calamari- $8.50
Mussels- (served with hot Italian Bread) $8.50
(Red, White, or Hot)
Mozzarella Sticks- 6 for $5.25
French Fries- $3.25
(mozzarella cheese $4.00)
(loaded w/ bacon & mozzarella cheese $4.75)
Garlic Bread- $2.50
(w/ mozzarella cheese $3.25)
Steamed Clams- Dozen for $8.50
Wings (MILD or HOT)- 6 for $6.75 or Dozen for $9.50

Soup of the Day $4.25
*12 oz. also available ANYTIME for you soup lovers like ourselves to go! $3.50

Antipasto- (lettuce, tomato, onion, ham, salami, provolone, olives, cauliflower, carrots, peppers, celery and red peppers) $9.50
Antipasto Siciliano- (prosciutto, fresh mozzarella, roasted red peppers, artichokes) $11.00
House- (lettuce, tomato, onion, carrot and red cabbage) $3.25
(w/ grilled chicken $7.25)
Caesar- (romaine lettuce, parmigiana cheese and topped w/ crispy croutons.) $6.25
(w/ grilled chicken $10.25)
Caprese- (tomatoes, basil & fresh mozzarella with a smidgen of olive oil and balsamic vinegar) $7.95
***Dressing Choices: Balsamic, Bleu Cheese, Caesar, Franco’s homemade Sicilian Oil & Vinaigrette, and Ranch (Additional add 75 cents)
Heros Cold
Ham- $6.00
Italiano- (ham & salami combo) $7.25
(w/ pepperoni $8.00)
Tuna- $6.00
Turkey- $6.00
***All garnished w/ lettuce, tomato, onion, oil & vinegar.
***Add your choice of Provolone or “White” American Cheese at NO extra charge!

Heros Hot
Cheese Steak Siciliano- (lettuce, tomato, raw onions, oil & vinegar and mayo) $6.49
Eggplant Parmigiana- (lightly breaded skinless eggplant with sauce and parmigiana cheese) $5.95
Meatball Parmigiana- (our own special recipe too good to be true with a dash of parmigiana) $5.95
Pepper & Egg- $4.95
***Sausage or Pepperoni add 75 cents
P.J. Cheese Steak- (steak with American cheese) $5.49
***Toppings: (Green Peppers, Mushrooms, Onions, or Pepperoni add .75 cents each)
Sausage Parmigiana- (mild flavored sausage stuffed with Sicilian spices to keep you happy) $5.95
Chicken Parmigiana- $6.95

***All Dinners include Bread & Butter, Soup or Salad***

Baked Pasta
Baked Ziti- $9.95
Cheese Ravioli- $9.95
Lasagna- (layers of meat & ricotta cheese) $10.95
Manicotti- $9.95
Stuffed Shells- $9.95

Fresh Pasta
Gnocchi con Carne- (Potato filled pasta gently covered with a delightful meat sauce) $12.00
Lobster Ravioli- (Lobster ravioli in a light cream sauce with a touch of vodka) $12.50

Eggplant Parmigiana- $11.95
Penne alla Vodka- $10.95
Spaghetti w/ meatballs or meat sauce- $9.95
***Add Chicken $4.00 or Shrimp $5.00
Chicken Alfredo- $13.95
Chicken Fiorentina- $13.95
Chicken Francese- $13.95
Chicken Marsala- $13.95
Chicken Parmigiana- $13.95
Veal Marsala- $14.95
Veal Parmigiana- $14.95
Veal Saltimbocca- (Baby veal cutlet topped with a slice prosciutto nestled on a bed of spinach) $14.95
Veal Piccata- (Baby veal cutlet topped with lemon & capers) $14.95

Clams- (red or white sauce) $14.50
Mussels Diavolo- $14.50
Shrimp Parmigiana- $14.50
Shrimp Scampi- $14.50
Zuppa di Pesce- (shrimp, clams, mussels, and calamari that you can have either mild or wickedly hot) $16.50

Special Sides
2 Meatballs or 2 Sausage: $4.00 Sautéed Broccoli: $4.75
Sautéed Spinach w/Garlic & Oil $4.75 Frank’s Homemade Red Sauce 12 oz. $4.00

Kid’s Menu
Cheese ravioli’s- (served either with butter or red sauce) $4.75
Chicken strip pieces- (3) & french fries $4.75
Penne pasta or spaghetti- (with either 1 meatball or meat sauce) $4.75
Personal Pizza- (12” Italian Style) with their choice of a yummy free topping $4.75 (Eat-In Only)

Cannoli- Small $2.50 or Large $3.25 Cheesecake- $3.50 Tiramisu- $3.50

Cold Beverages
(20 oz. w/Refill $1.50)
Fountain soda: Coke = Coke Zero = Diet Coke = Dr. Pepper = Root beer = Sprite
Unsweetened Tea
***We are also offering for a short time XL fountain soda to-go cups @ for $1.95

Hot Beverages
Cappuccino- $3.50 Coffee- $1.25
Espresso- $2.25 Tea- (Regular & Decaf) $1.25
Hot Cocoa- (seasonal and upon request and possible availability) $1.50
**All hot beverages are available to take to go as well in 12 oz. containers except espresso which has its own unique “shot” size.
Neapolitan (Round)
Medium: $10.00 Large: $11.95
Sicilian (Square)
Medium: $12.00 Large: $14.00
***Gluten Free***
13” $13.95

½ Pie Toppings $1.25 each “Top It Off” $2.00 each topping
***Toppings: Anchovies, Pepperoni, Sausage, Ham, Meatballs, Bacon, Onions, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Green Peppers, Banana Peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, Black Olives, Green Olives, Artichoke Hearts, Salami, Pineapple
***Add Chicken $4.00 or Shrimp $5.00
***Speciality Pizza (ask for the daily specials) Large only $17.95

Pizza by the “Slice”
Gourmet slices- $3.00 Sicilian slices- $2.25 Slice- $1.90

Calzones (w/ side of sauce)
Medium: $6.75 Large: $9.75
Additional toppings: $1.75 each

Alessandra’s Stromboli- Ham/ Salami/Pepperoni (no vegetables) $12.50
Stromboli Rustico- Peppers/Mushrooms/Onions/Sausage/Pepperoni $13.50

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